Exploration and Mining

This platform will deliver global information on Li ore deposits, related data, current projects and players, with a focus on the European potential.


Dr. Eric Gloaguen

Chair „Exploration and Mining“

Service Géologique National
French Geological Survey

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Research activities


  • Overview of research project and networks on Li deposits
  • Identification of scientific gaps
    >>> proposals for research axes
  • Ore Deposit databases
  • Initiating research projects
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Industry activities
  • Overview of Lithium exploration projects in Europe
  • External links to European industry
  • Data on tonnage | grade | ore types for European Li deposits
  • Metallogenic models and predictivity maps and exploration guidelines
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Education activities
  • Li ore deposits short course proposal
  • Best practices concerning mining methods
    applied to Li extraction
  • Drafting of guidelines to increase the
    awareness of the European public
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Overview on European Li Resources

Lithium is relatively abundant in Europe:

  • 500 Li occurrences identified up to date
  • Various deposit types
  • 28 deposits evaluated
  • >15 companies involved
  • Estimate for European Li resources: > 8.8 Mt of Li2O

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Overview on European Li Exploration Licenses

The lithium exploration licences map has been realized from available official published data on exploration permits for lithium granted by governments. A minimum of 217 valid exploration licences for lithium is currently registered. At the European scale, these data show a relatively well-distributed exploration activity, which is an interesting element in a close supply perspective between the sources of primary Lithium resources and consumption centers. Several countries, despite a high potential, are still poorly covered by exploration permits, Austria and France among others.