SPECTRAL Industries

SPECTRAL is a chemical sensor developer focusing on applications in the mining & recycling industry. Our LIBS (Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy) sensor is an efficient robust product for sensing of elemental composition, out in the field. SPECTRAL focuses on developing, manufacturing and applying LIBS technology for demanding industrial applications. Our major benefit is a combination of robustness, mobility and speed: the LIBS sensor can be applied remotely on moving products, without any sample preparation. One of the major strong points of LIBS is that it is able to detect low concentrations of lithium in any type of material. Unlike X-ray based techniques that are not able to detect the light lithium, LIBS is able to measure all elements in the periodic table and is especially sensitive for lithium.

Many mining and recycling processes exhibit a clear need for real-time chemical sensing, to lower cost and energy consumption, optimize the production process, secure the quality and decrease the downtime by detecting anomalies at an early stage. SPECTRAL has an open mind for new forms of co-operation.  We integrate academic and industrial knowledge and engage stakeholders from the entire raw materials value chain at an early stage, thus accelerating innovation. With the applications and products that we are developing, SPECTRAL promotes increased resource efficiency by process optimization, moving towards a circular economy.


  • Real-time sensing
  • In-line sensing
  • Resource engineering, one third of our employees has a resource engineering background
  • Sensor development and production

Role in eLi

  • Development and implementation of novel sensor technologies
  • Contribution to the platforms “Exploration and Mining” and “Processing and Recycling”


Dr. Ir. Ad Maas, CEO