News and Events

3/12/2019 I Würzburg

Kick-Off Meeting

  • Preparation of eLi AISBL
  • Coordination of positions
  • Discussion on first activities


5/12/2019 I Lyon

eLi Presentation at
Task 40 of International Energy Agency HEV TCP

“Critical Raw Materials for Electric Vehicles”


June 13 – 14, 2019 I Milan

eLi Presentation at
Batteries Europe
Workshop on Raw
Materials and Recycling


July 1 – 2, 2019 | Würzburg

General Meeting

  • Final coordination of eLi AISBL
  • Update on platform activities and next steps
  • Presentation of flyers, press releases and website


7/2/2019 | Würzburg

Kick-Off Meeting ECOS

Together with the Finnish Minerals Group and supported by an industry inquiry, eLi will create a study on the environmental and social footprint of e-mobility. The document will be the baseline for the R&D strategy of the European Lithium Institute.


9/30/2019 | Brussels

Strategy Workshop

  • Definition of main focus areas
  • Alignement to battery networks
  • Benefits for industrial partners


Oct. 15 – 16, 2019 | Vandoeuvre

eLi Short Courses

  • International lecturers from Australia, Canada, Finland and France
  • More than 70 participants, including Master and PhD students
  • Topics ranging from geology and exploration to battery metals production


2/5/2020 | Brussels

Official Founding Event of the European Lithium Institute at the Notary Olivier Palsterman


6/30/2020 | Brussels

Registration as AISBL

By royal decree eLi received its official status as a non-profit association according to Belgian law


7/29/2020 | Würzburg

Kick-Off Meeting

Development of a semantic database, sourcing all strategic relevant information concerning lithium resources, life cycle analyses as well as processing and application technologies


Nov. 18 – 19, 2020 | web-based

2nd eLi Short Courses

  • Topic: “Circular economy and sustainable materials for Li-battery”
  • More than 90 participants, including Master and PhD students


11/20/2020 | Press Release

New Approach to Sustainable Lithium


3/29/2021 | web-based

eLi General Assembly

  • Integration of new eLi members
  • Coordination of new initiatives: info campaign, workshops, conference, strategic projects


Oct. 5 – 26, 2021 | online-event

Green Batteries Conference 2021

  • Organized by eLi and Battery 2030+
  • Every Tuesday afternoon between 1 p.m. and 5 p.m.


10/7/2021 | Press Release

International online conference on “green batteries” generates great interest

Green Batteries Conference 2021


11/30/2021 | Stuttgart

eLi Presentation at Battery Show

Dr. Andreas Bittner presented the activities of the European Lithium Institute eLi for a sustainable battery value chain at the Battery Show Europe.


1/1/2022 | Wrocław

BrineRIS Project Start

The EIT RawMaterials project BrineRIS will identify prospective European deposits of lithium brines and test emerging recovery technologies. Respective data will be integrated in an interactive platform that is developed by eLi.


10/27/2022 | Buenos Aires

Green Dealings Workshop

eLi is partner of the project Green Dealings to bring together all relevant stakeholders from lithium sourcing countries and Europe to define, implement and control good social and environmental standards.


3/9/2023 | Würzburg

Kick-Off Meeting HiQ-LCA

eLi is coordinating the European project HiQ-LCA, which will create a holistic battery LCA database to enable more reliable and relevant Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and to offer unique benchmarking, certification and consulting services.


3/26/2023 | Würzburg

Lithium Networking Event

eLi will host a networking event on sustainable lithium production. Existing and prospective member organizations will present their innovative work on lithium extraction and recycling as well as sustainability assessment.

8/25/2023 | Press Release

European project tackles first actions

High quality LCA database and services to support green batteries transition